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Blog And Page Searches

While the majority of the content on this website is postcards, there is also a blog and few other pages. Use this search option to find content related to your keywords here. For instance, entering “post office” will display all the blog posts related to post offices, etc.

Search Postcards By Year

If you’re looking to find all the postcards on this site from a certain year, enter the four-digit year to get results. Remember that the years used are the years that the postcard was mailed, not the year the card was published.

Search Postcards By Recipient

To find all the cards that went to one recipient, enter the name below. Whenever a card is catalogued, its done with the exact wording printed on the card itself. A postcard may have been addressed to Mrs. Eileen Daniels, or Miss E. Daniels. In some cases, it may have been addressed to a husband and wife, and later just to the wife. To ensure that your query turns up all possible combinations, it’s recommended to search by last name. In the example above, searching for “Daniels” should do the trick. That means of course, you may need to go through some cards to families with the same last name.

Search By Postcard Location

Though the purpose of this site to catalogue the messages, most collectors are interested in the scenes on a postcard. Each postcard in the archive has been tagged with a city/town location, and then a more specific location if appropriate. For instance, the main location might be “Rochester, New York” but then a secondary location will be “Highland Park”. If you’re looking for a very specific place, searching for that may turn up your result, but it’s recommended to search for the city/town first.